2016 Festival Route

When: May – August 2016

Where: The festival will tour across, up and down and through Wales, stopping at village, farm, school, city, town, business, college, hill and seaside.

Beginning near Cardiff, the capital, the Festival will travel gently, clockwise around all of Wales following maproutes of Coleridge and Iolo Morganwg. We’ll make lots of excursions and imaginative diversions with you, connecting with areas of major population and contemporary landscape in West, North, Mid and South Wales. The festival finishes at the National Eisteddfod 2016, in Abergavenny.



You shape the route… You and your participation affect the final tour route, as individuals, communities, businesses, institutions, families, holiday makers, hosts and curious adventurers. The Festival is already inspiring a mix of locally organised events, touring exhibitions, compelling theatre, local walks and routes, lectures, celebrations and offers of partnership.  We’ll be bring artists, historians, thinkers, walkers, poets and imaginative people on the road. We’ll be exploring local and international themes, in a real Welsh landscape.

Could you hold an event, tour, or create something to mark the journey? Get in touch – we’re waiting to hear from you!