Relevance Today

A message from Robin Morrison – Chairman of Coleridge in Wales Ltd


I’m delighted that you are exploring the website of this remarkable and exciting project.

If Samuel Taylor Coleridge toured round Wales today what would he see and think?  What would he say about its future? How would he imagine its future in relation to the devolving nature of the UK and the challenges of the wider world? What ideas, thoughts and questions would he produce, stimulate and share?

He was a philosopher as well as a poet; an idealist as well as a romantic. He was liberal, yet stood for an underlying vision and principles. He believed in freedom, yet held to an overarching unity of all things, within which there was room for many different approaches. What are our vision and principles? What sense do we make of different kinds of diversity and what holds us together?

He belonged to his time and place, and travelled on the continent with an international outlook. We value place and people in a fast changing world. How do others see us? What can we and they offer each other? What really lasts?

The implications and connections are waiting to be discovered – If Coleridge looked around at the politics, organisations and communities of Wales, what sense of purpose would he discover? What questions would he ask; what views would he share about new directions across a range of economic, social, environmental and political challenges and choices?

Underneath all of this, what spirituality, values and beliefs hold organisations, issues and communities together? What really matters, to most people, most of the time?

Where are the Coleridges of today? Where are the poets and prophets, the people of creativity courage and imagination? In our Universities, schools, businesses, Government, media, churches, mosques and synagogues? What are they saying about our future?

We look forward to the journey, discovering this with you.

Robin Morrison