The Return of The Ancient Mariner

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is one of the finest poems in the English language.

In 2016, see Coleridge’s greatest poem in action…  Yes. It’s ambitious!

We’re seeking to bring the ship of The Ancient Mariner into the ports of Wales:

  • the medieval sailing ship complete with ghost crew of zombies and scorched decks
  • witness the Ancient Mariner, himself, carrying the dead albatross
  • get caught up in the action, spilling onshore into the streets of welsh seaside towns and harbours
  • compelling tale, adventure, spectacle and celebration


We’re already working with the support of towns and harbours to make this happen, but the project needs your help. GET INVOLVED to help make The Return of the Ancient Mariner a spectacular international event in Welsh ports.

The National Museum of Wales has offered to display for the first time their complete set of engravings flkag1of The Ancient Mariner at the National Gallery, in Cardiff by a leading figure in British art, welsh artist and poet David Jones

“A summer family festival for the people of Wales and visitors”